ATTENTION: Are you a step-parent -- or about to be?

3 Keys to Successful Step-Parenting for a More Loving Home!

Edina Adler, LCSW, stepmom and Stepfamily Coach,

Mindfulness-Based Therapist, Certified Family Court Mediator




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Discover The Essential Keys To


  • #1: Mental Fitness: Transform Destructive Myths and Mindsets that Will Keep you Stuck in Unhappy Relationships

  • #2: Emotional Fitness: Get Through Conflicts with Compassion and Calm Instead of Stress

  • #3: Relationship Fitness: Create a Rock-Solid Partnership and a Home Where Kids Thrive!

"Edina helped our family when another counselor told us divorce was the only answer. She taught us how to communicate and have a better understanding of ourselves, and presented us with the tools we needed to build a stronger foundation, which in turn created stronger bonds between us.

When we started, our son was going down the wrong path and our family was broken. I can say that I don't know where we'd be without Edina's guidance. Our son is now 16, doing well in school and has made amazing progress..from an angry, aggressive, weed smoking, lying stealing kid to a sober, helpful, loving, caring, social, more responsible, respectful and mature young man. Choosing the right counselor transformed our life and we can't thank Edina enough for being there for us during our time of great turbulence and pure emotional chaos!! She was always there when we needed her with personalized care and helpful words of wisdom. "

Sonia S., parent/stepmom, Silicon Valley

"My husband and I can't thank you enough for being there for all of us. We have incorporated some of the things we learned from you into our everyday lives. It was already a tough transition for all of us, especially for our son. We were really worried he would completely spiral out of control."

Lana T., parent, East Bay, CA

"After being raised by parents who didn't communicate effectively, I found myself in the same situation. I was never able to express myself in a way that led to effective resolution when I was angry or hurt or frustrated. In addition to helping us understand all of the Gottman principles and what contributes to a successful relationship, Edina taught us critical communication strategies that have allowed me to actually share my feelings in a way that doesn't alienate my partner. After 3 months of working with Edina, we were more connected with each other than we had been in a long time and I felt more loved, appreciated, and understood by my partner."

Lisa J, parent, Livermore, CA

The Keys to Creating a More Loving Home - The Second Time Around!


Whether you're looking for love, or already in a new relationship, learn how to make this next love last--for everyone's sake!

Most people are unprepared for the challenges of bringing children into a new partnership, especially after a divorce.

While first marriages/partnerships have a 50% divorce rate, second marriages/partnerships with children from a prior relationship, have a 67% chance of failing, causing even more turmoil for the children.

But there are ways to beat those odds, and ensure a second partnership does not repeat the past, but instead, provides a nurturing environment for everyone in the family.

  • What: A Live 60-minute workshop where you will learn some of the mistakes and minefields to avoid, and how you can be a great parent AND partner - the second time around!

  • Where: This is a virtual workshop, and you will receive the Zoom link after registering.

  • When: Postponed to May - Date to be determined

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If you've been wanting to understand and transform past relationship patterns, and have a love that lasts the second (or third!) time around, this training is for you.